gallery 307 exhibits New York City’s reemerging artists. We are dedicated to placing no age on viable art and pledge to showcase multi-generational work to multi-generational audiences.

All work is for sale. For more information and prices call 646.400.5254 or e-mail

Jonathan Bauch                                               Emily Rich                                                      

Douglas Brin                                                     Salvatore Romano
David Cerulli                                                     Vera Sapozhnikova
Eva Deutsch Costabel                                    Sheila Schwid
Flo Fox                                                                Marilyn Sontag
Lindsay                                                               Carl Stark
Robert Ludwig                                                 Anna Walter                                      

Margo Mead                                                      Arnold Wechsler
Abe Nover                                                          Sally Weiss
Hedy O’Beil                                                       Leslie Shaw Zadoian
Hilda O’Connell                                                

Sara Petitt                                                          
Robert Petrick
Jean Promutico                                                


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