Anna H. Walter


I was born in 1946, and I have been a visual artist (including work in textile design) all my life.  My earliest memory of painting begins when I was about five years old.  My kindergarten teacher set up easels, poster paint, and newsprint pads.  I dipped a fat brush into a jar of red poster-paint and first outlined a girl with a heart-shaped bodice and a triangle-shaped skirt.  As I put the paint on the paper, I watched it drip down and let it fall where it might.  That gave me great joy.  I decided then and there that I wanted to paint for the rest of my life.

I’m a formally trained artist who has studied at the School of Visual Arts and the Fashion Institute of Technology, both in New York City.  My works have been exhibited at the Wings Gallery (one-woman show); St. Ives Burrups, Inc., at the Chelsea Market (on display for several years, during the company’s time at this location); Hudson Guild Gallery (where my work was chosen for the show “Long Way Home” exhibited at the Whitney Museum and St. Peter’s Church); the Macy Art Gallery at Columbia University; in multiple shows at Carter Burden Center’s Gallery 307 and Downstairs Gallery, as well as a related show at the office of the Manhattan borough president of New York City; New York Public Libraries (two one-woman shows and two presentations of collaboratively created stories, Just the Fur of Us, which I have illustrated); and the Mobilivre/Book Mobile of Canada and the United States.  My works are in private collections and libraries in the United States and Canada.

I have also been awarded the title of Haym Salomon Fellow, a medal, and honorarium by the F-E-G-S Haym Salomon Arts Awards Competition sponsored by the UJA—Federation of New York.  The theme of the competition was “Visions of a Greener World.”  My mixed-media piece was called “Bird Watch/Art City.”

My artistic world is one of symbolic personal-expression and encompasses both internal and external experience.  For some years now, I have been doing, in part, visual journals; painting my experiences gives me happiness, freedom, and escape, helping me, for example, to get through my surgeries.  Another theme has been New York City, expressed through constructions using everyday found objects such as coffee-cup sleeves and ace bandages.  A third subject lies more in the area of freely invented spiritual expression and goes to a realm that is explicable only through the visual experience.

One piece in this collection, called “Playing in the Leaves,” expresses the same feeling I’ve had throughout my life, first as a child, now as an older artist, of the way that art lifts me up.

(Nov., 2011)


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