Carl Stark

Carl Stark

Before starting out in a varied commercial art career, Carl Stark was schooled in painting, sculpting, design and art theory at the School of Visual Arts, Art Students League and The New School. The artistic journey has included shows and exhibits in Connecticut, Washington DC and NYC along with an exhibit at the United Nations. Born and raised in New York City he continues to live and work there.

After studying the various disciplines of landscape, still life, figure study and abstract design, he gradually settled on a commitment to artistically explore the evolving, unfolding intimacies of the human form. Aside from the obvious notions of beauty, grace, passion or erotic fantasy, the nude may be transformed by political, social or spiritual intimations. With so many possibilities to focus on, the naked body seemed the logical endeavor to undertake. Whatever direction chosen to present the female form (alone or with company), the final executed image should be both revealing and provocative… to the artist as well as to the viewer.

No matter our political, social or religious feelings, we are all titillated, openly or covertly, by the notions of the naked body. Of course every artist feels strongly about their work, whether it’s landscapes, portraiture, abstraction or whatever. Ultimately though, more than evoking a reasoned, critical, aesthetic response, this artist’s goal is first to excite, or at least to stir. Independent of the standard views in culture, politics or art, there is one human sensibility that continues to arouse interest. Sensuality!

The perils for the artist creating the sensual or erotic (the 2 often closely related) are obvious. This choice of subject matter has been known to greatly upset some who hold influential positions. But despite the differing views and opinions expressed, clearly with or without art, lust lasts.

Due perhaps in part to some of the intimate and sensual themes painted, this artist, unlike his subject matter, is greatly underexposed. Having to work for a living while raising a family for years has distanced him from the art scene. Although having been shown in small galleries in the past and represented in a few private collections, exposure has been lamentably limited. This artist is not a late bloomer, just a tardy starter.


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