Robert Ludwig



Minneapolis Institute of Art, Post-graduate drawing studies

University of Minnesota, BA in Painting and Sculpture, magna cum laude

Princeton University, Graduate student in Physics

The George Washington University, BS in Physics “With Distinction.” University Scholar, Phi Beta Kappa, Sterrett Medal in Physics


Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art, College of Staten Island, CUNY 1970-Present
Lecturer in Physics, City College, CUNY 1966-70

Federation of Modern Painters and Sculptors


2010 New York Mercantile Exchange,
1999-2010 Westbeth Gallery, Group shows twice yearly
2009 Gallery onetwentyeight, “GOO’Z”
2008 Westbeth Gallery, Brownian Motion & Other Leaps in the Dark, solo exhibition
2007 Gallery onetwentyeight, Make Art Not War
2007 The College of Staten Island, CUNY, Faculty show
2006-07 Gallery onetwentyeight
2006 Sikkema Jenkins & Co.
2006 Studio 18 Gallery, Art in Perpetuity
2005 Robert Miller Gallery
2004 Brent Sikkema Gallery
2003 Gallery Lelong
2002 Sperone Westwater Gallery
2001 EyeBeam Gallery
1998 The College of State Island, CUNY Faculty Show
1997 Nicholas Davies & Co.
1997 “Think Dinky” International Invitational, Durham NC
1997 Drawing in Unbearable Assembly Magazine #6
1996 Painting reproduced in Appearances, Number 23
1996 Drawings in Public Illumination magazine, Number 44
1995 Drawing in Unbearables Magazine, Issue 3
1994 Drawings in Public Illumination magazine, Number 43
1993 Drawings in Public Illumination magazine, Number 42
1993 The Drawing Center, The Return of the “Cadaver Exquis”
1990 Pyramid Gallery
1989-90 Pyramid Gallery (three-person exhibition)
1979 Snug Harbor Cultural Center
1977-78 Tenth Street Days Ward-Nasse Gallery
1977-78 Tenth Street Now Landmark Gallery
1976 The College of State Island, CUNY Faculty show
1975 Union Carbide Building
1972 Staten Island Museum
1971 The College of Staten Island, CUNY solo exhibition
1969 Phoenix Gallery solo exhibition
1968-70 Museum of Modern Art, Art Lending Service
1966 Phoenix Gallery solo exhibition
1966 New York Psychoanalytic Society
1964 Fairleigh-Dickinson University
1964 Contemporary Arts Association, Houston, Texas
1963 Phoenix Gallery solo exhibition
1960, 61, 62 American Society of Painters in Casein
1958 March Gallery
1954 Minneapolis School of Art
1954 Minneapolis Institute of Art
1954 Walker Art Center Biennial, Minneapolis

New York Times, February 8 1969 (Grace Glueck)
Arts Magazine, February 1969 (Gordon Brown)
Art News, February 1969 (John Perrault)
Pictures on Exhibit, March 1, 1969 (Charles Z. Offin)
Art News, March 1966 (Peter Scheldahl)
New York Times, February 5, 1966 (John Canaday)
Pictures on Exhibit, March 1966 (Fred Mitchell)
Village Voice November 1963 (Leonard Horowitz)
Art Voices, November 1963 (Gordon Brown)
New York Herald Tribune, November 16, 1963
New York Times, November 23rd 1963 (Brian O’Doherty)


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