Sheila Schwid


Art Center School, Los Angeles, Ca.
Omaha University, BA

The annual Summerlight Shows, Westbeth Gallery, some of which I curated.
The annual Holiday Shows at Westbeth Gallery
2012 “Works on Walls 2012,” Gallery 307, New York, NY
2010 “Works on Walls II,” Gallery 307, New York, NY
2005 Solo show, Westbeth Gallery
2001  “Generations Show,” Westbeth Gallery, group show, included music, dance, literary arts, film, drama, which I curated
1998 Four Person Show, Westbeth Gallery, which I curate
1984  “A Show of Animated Films,” Provincetown Art Association, Provincetown, Massachusetts
1984 “Artists as Filmmakers,” animated films, A.I.R. Galler1974 Bienville Gallery, Seven Women Show, which I curated, paintings, New Orleans, Louisiana
1974 A.C.R. Gallery, group show, drawing in plaster
1973 Greenwich Library, Greenwich, Connecticut, solo, drawings in plaster
1973  “Westbeth Women” Westbeth Gallery, paintings
1973  “Women Choose Women,”  New York Cultural Center, drawing in plaster
1963 Antioch College, solo sculpture show
1959-1960 10th Street Galleries, group shows

Rose Alpert, Shari Blau, Bill & Eileen Bowser, Irving Centor, Miriam Chaikin, Pritch Clapham, Jamie Corello, Jack Davidson, Judite dos Santos, Helen Dubin, Valerie Falk, Gwen & Moses Gunn, Joan Harris, Margaret Kemmeter, Frank Kern, Sylvia Borget & Gene Koretz, Rachael & Michael Kosch, Tony & Achsah Krugman, Alvin & Sharon Milder, Joshua & Angela Milder, Rifka Milder, Horace Richter, Catia & Don Rogosin, Jane Sarzin, Steve & Honor Schwid, Milan Segall,  Adriana & Pablo Zinger,

“Women Choose Women,” Roslyn Drexler, NY Times, 1973.  “there was a lovely plaster Paris bas relief of a male and a female nude by Sheila Schwid called “Love in the Morning” [happy thought].”

“Westbeth Women,” Village Voice, “Ms. Schwid’s paintings show what it must be like to live in a salad.” 


First I work from nature.  These works are sometimes complete in themselves.  I work for compositions and color that show us the scene and the feeling of the moment.
Then I take my work inside to my studio to go farther into the world of paint as inspired by nature.  Colors, shapes, forms, line, and placement are the tools of modern art.  This internal world is well worth exploring.  Thank you camera.
Now we can jump back to the world of spirit and symbolism and forward to, who knows what, new ways of seeing and creating.
But I take my original work from nature seriously.  It keeps me from making arbitrary decisions.  It reminds me of the original excitement that caused me to paint this painting, and keeps me in the agony of solving the problem, “how do I show them what I saw and felt.”

Artist’s background

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1932.

I have been painting since I can remember.  Growing up in Omaha, I studied with the local artists, Bill Hammon, Milton Wolsky, Frank Sapousek, John and Hettie-Marie Andrews and others.  From these wonderful mentors I learned the basics of life drawing, landscape and still life.

After completing my BA at Omaha U., I studied at the Art Center School in Los Angeles.  Later I came to New York just in time to join in the excitement of the 10th Street Galleries where I showed in a few group shows. I also participated in the Happenings of Red Grooms Shows.


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